RSS (or, okay, so that worked.)


Thanks for you patience with the non-entry from the other day. The RSS seems to be working fine, though a little more slowly than we thought it would. Maybe it’s a WordPress thing, maybe it was just a “that day” thing, we don’t know.

Anyway, if you’d like to subscribe via RSS (which stands for either Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication, depending on who you ask), there’s a handy little link to do so over on the sidebar. If you’re not sure how the whole RSS thing works, we’ve included links to the “how to” page in two different spots: under the “Useful Information” heading at the top of the sidebar, and directly underneath the “Subscribe to this blog” heading. Having two different links to the same info might be redundant, but we want to be sure you can definitely find it.

In fact, here’s another direct link.


2 thoughts on “RSS (or, okay, so that worked.)

  1. krupplibrary

    As we discussed, I think there’s something odd about that particular copy of Firefox on that computer, but I could be wrong.

    Anyone else out there in the world have issues subscribing?

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