New Video On Demand Titles


Here are some new Video On Demand (VOD) titles available for viewing through VBrick, Bryant’s streaming media portal:

  •  Formulating a Business Plan – “Three modules look at the process of creating a business plan from three different perspectives: the transformation of an idea into a marketable production, the determination of financial feasibility, and negotiation with potential investors.”  From the series “Global Business: New Ways to Improve the Bottom Line.”
  • Management in Chinese Culture-“In Chinese culture, western stresses on individualism, delegation and empowerment are replaced by an emphasis on community and the family, a lean hands-on management style and a Confucian deference to authority.  Through interviews with innovators, entrepreneurs and managers in both China andHong Kong, this programme asks a number of questions about the effects these cultural differences have on the way business is done in this region.”
  • Voices of Power: African-American Women – “African-American women have captured the moral imagination of mainstream American through their essays, novels, poetry, and other artistic endeavors, breaching the static lines of race, gender, and class.  This program explores through interviews with African-American women writers how African-American women have emerged as popular and powerful voices of social conscience.”
  • The Media’s Influence on What We Buy – “Philosophers, communication professors and advertising executives discuss various aspects of the media’s influence on consumer behavior.”  From the series “Media Interrupted: the Dissection of Media in American Culture.”
  • The Yellow Wallpaper– “The story of a woman who is gradually becoming insane.  While taking a rest cure she becomes obsessed with the wallpaper and begins to imagine that there is a woman behind the paper.”  Based on the short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

All VOD titles are available for viewing by current Bryant University faculty, staff, and students only.  Instructions for using the VBrick Media Portal can be downloaded here (file is a PDF).