Headphones (for borrowing) and earbuds (for keeps) now available


“Do you have headphones I can borrow?”

That’s been a pretty common question for the circ desk for the past few years, and the answer always used to be “No, we don’t. Sorry.”

But now, we’re happy to say “Yes we do.” And because we’re all about giving you options, you have two choices.

We have four sets of Sennheiser HD-202 headphones available to be used with the new viewing/listening stations on the second floor.  These can be checked out for 2-hour, in-house borrowing (with a renewal period of an additional 2 hours if necessary).

We also have smaller ear bud headsets which are available for sale for $1 each, and those are yours to keep and do with as you please (no offense, but we really don’t want them back after they’ve been in your ears; it’s a hygiene thing). Please bear in mind that we don’t have the cash on hand to make change for you, though, so if you’re buying ear buds, exact change only, thanks.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, email us at circdesk (at) bryant (dot) edu or call us at 401-232-6125.