So, what magazines would you like to see us get?


The library is looking to increase the number of leisure-reading magazines that we subscribe to, and we’d like your help. What sorts of magazines would you like to see us carry? Any specific titles or subject areas you’d like us to cover? Sports, fashion, travel, car stuff, pets, crafts… the sky’s the limit. Except for, you know, adult magazines, obviously. There’s a 7-11 down the road for that, thanks.

(For what it’s worth, your humble blog-writing-guy wouldn’t mind seeing CMJ New Music Monthly or The Comics Journal, but he’s a nerd like that.)

So what would you like? Let us know… tell us in person, leave a comment on either this blog or our MySpace page, email the Access Services or Reference departments, text or IM us… you get the point. Make your voice heard!