Carts for re-shelving


If you’re studying in the main stacks area up on the second floor, you’ll now see two small bookcarts labeled “Please Return Books Here.” Their purpose is… well, pretty self-explanatory, really. If you grab a book and just plan on using it in-house, put it on one of these carts when you’re done, and we’ll re-shelve them later. It looks neater than just leaving them in a pile somewhere, and it’s easier for you than trying to put them back yourselves.

And most of the time, it’s actually easier for us than you trying to put them back yourselves, too. We appreciate it when people try to help us, but sometimes folks end up putting books back in the wrong area, and this is how books end up getting misplaced.

Easier for you, easier for us… everyone wins! So notice the carts. Use them. Love them.