We Have That? – Pedro and Me


(“We Have That?” is a new, semi-regular feature of this blog, spotlighting books, periodicals, and other resources that you might be surprised to find we have in our collection.)


Pedro and Me: Friendship, Loss, and What I Learned is the true life story in graphic novel form (that’s a fancy way of saying “comics”) of the friendship between Judd Winick and the late Pedro Zamora, both former castmates of the third season of MTV’s long running reality soap opera, “The Real World.”  Winick was an aspiring cartoonist from Long Island, NY, while Zamora was an AIDS educator originally from Cuba, and though they came from two different worlds, they became fast friends, and the effects of that friendship would continue to shape Winick’s life long after Zamora lost his battle with the disease.  It’s a moving story, and though Winick’s art style is a bit cartoonish, none of the impact of the story is lost as a result.

It’s a story of friendship, it’s a story of bravery in the face of death, and yes, a reminder of a time when Real Worlders were actually kind of interesting, not just obnoxious people who wanted to be on “The Real World” (I’m showing my age with that one, huh?  Get off my lawn, you kids!).  We don’t have a lot of graphic novels tucked away in the collection, but I’ll go on record as saying this is a good one to have.