Text A Librarian is open late, too!



Our ever-helpful Reference staff would like to remind everyone that their Text A Librarian service, like the library itself, is available until 1:30 A.M. on Sunday through Thursday nights.

The number is 401-595-7306.

So if it’s 1 A.M. and you need to know something for a project – say, the Gross National Product of Paraguay, or Boog Powell’s career batting average – friendly, knowledgeable assistance is just a text away.

2 thoughts on “Text A Librarian is open late, too!

  1. Davin Morris

    I have to order a book but I have recently lost my ID. Is there a way I can order it without having that bar code number or could you look it up for me?

  2. krupplibrary

    Come to the circ desk and explain your situation, and we can look up your number for you.

    Remember, though, that if you end up getting a new ID, you’ll need to register the new barcode number with us before you can use it to get books or access the online resources.

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