Friendly Reminders


If you’re going to be graduating this spring from either a bachelor or graduate program and you still have library materials checked out, you’ll be getting an email or two from us in the next few weeks reminding you of this fact.  We’re not trying to threaten you – yet (Kidding!  Mostly.) – we just want to jog your memory a little and make you sure you return everything before you march so that you don’t get a bill for a hefty replacement fee in your mailbox.  Or be prevented from getting your grades, diploma, official transcripts, or anything else that freshly minted graduates all seem to need the second commencement stops commencing.

It’s not like we *like* holding your academic record hostage, we just really enjoy getting our stuff back so other people can use it when necessary.

So check your list if you get one, and start digging through the piles, even if you legitimately believe you don’t still have anything checked out.  It’s been our experience that when people really who think this way look really hard, they end up finding whatever it is they thought they didn’t have in the first place.  Either that or their roommate has it.