Presenting our new blog, Bryant Reads!


That’s right, the blog end of the Douglas and Judith Krupp Library is expanding its brand. (See what I did there? Working with all these marketing majors is paying off.) Introducing Bryant Reads, a blog dedicated to leisure reading.

You remember leisure reading, right? Reading that isn’t for work or school? Reading for fun, simply because you want to? Yeah, it’s hard for us to find the time for that most days, too. And then when the opportunity does come along, it’s sometimes hard to actually pick out what to read. I mean, doing all of your reading off of a prescribed list isn’t always fun, but it certainly takes the guesswork out.

And that’s the point of Bryant Reads – we want to help put fun, interesting reading material into the hands and brains of those who need it. And by we, I mean all of us. The library runs the blog, sure, but we want people from all sectors of the Bryant University community – students, staff, faculty, administration, alumni – to contribute thoughts, suggestions, reviews, or whatever they can think of to the blog. We can’t read everything, obviously, and we may miss a lot of great books without ever even knowing it. Participation is the key to Bryant Reads, and we hope you all want to play along.

So please visit to check out the blog and learn how to participate. Remember, it can’t be business all the time!