Reading Outside Helin: “X Saves the World” by Jeff Gordinier


(Recommended by Krupp Library Circulation Assistant Bill Doughty)

Desperately in need of a non-fiction break after a quick succession of several quirky and humorous sf/fantasy/horror books by Jasper Fforde and Christopher Moore, I decided to give Jeff Gordinier’s recent X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft But Can Still Keep Everything From Sucking a shot.  It’s an interesting look at the history of the oft-maligned so-called “slacker” generation, how the media has never really understood them, and how their lifestyles and attitudes are an important counterpoint to those of both the Baby Boomers before them and the current crop of Gen Y/”millennial” kids.

Sure, it sounds a bit academic, but Gordinier is Editor-at-Large for Details magaazine, and has written in the past for other mags like Fortune, GQ, and Entertainment Weekly, so his writing is pretty snappy, and he’s able to strike that important balance between being serious and being funny whenever the situation calls, so it’s an easy read in that respect.  Non-fiction can still be fun, people.

A quick look through the catalog shows that no one in HELIN currently owns a copy of this, but it’s worth hunting for through your favorite local library or bookstore.