Elsewhere on campus: “Deadliest Catch” producer to speak


From the press release:

7 P.M.

Paul Gasek will speak about his experiences as an executive producer for the Discovery Channel and discuss the role of television in promoting the study of nature. He is an Emmy award winning executive producer and the senior science editor for the Discovery Channel. He has overseen hundreds of hours of programming, including “Deadliest Catch,” “Discovery Project Earth,” and “Engineering the Universe,” to name a few. The current projects that he will discuss and show clips from include “Global Warming: What You Need to Know” with Tom Brokaw and “Secrets of the Dinosaur Mummy,” a work-in-progress series on searching for valuable shipwrecks.

They don’t let me out of the library very often, but I’ll have to make an effort to get over and check this out.