Changes in our Leisure Reading section, and how you can help decide its future.


As you may know, we’ve been getting the books for our Leisure Reading shelf on a rotating basis as part of a loan/subscription agreement with McNaughton Publishing.  We’ve decided to end this subscription and are going to start outright purchasing leisure reading titles from now on, at a rate of roughly five per month.  We think this will add some variety to the sort of leisure titles we carry, and hopefully appeal to a wider audience (also, doing things this way ends up saving us some money, which is always nice).

But in order to actually reach out to that wider audience – which is you, by the way, we need input!  Got a favorite author?  Looking for a particular title that no one else in HELIN seems to own (or if someplace does, the waitlist is just too long)?  Let us know!  Leave a comment below, or else contact a member of the library staff (either Trish Schultz or Helen Matteson would be the quickest path, but any of us can pass suggestions along).  Remember, we can’t buy the books you like if you don’t tell us what you want to read!

As for the McNaughton collection, it’ll be phased out by December.  So if there’s anything on those shelves that you want that you haven’t been able to get to yet, I’d get cracking if I were you!