How to find this stuff when it is not available in our catalog.


“Okay,” you say, “these books all sound fantastic, but I’ve looked through the HELIN catalog, and in Brown’s catalog via InRhode, and I still can’t find all of them.  How do I find them (without, you know, buying ‘em)?”

Well, the answer is pretty simple.  Just like a book (or article, or film, or excerpt, etc.) you might need for a class but can’t find through the usual channels, you can put in an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request and have us search outside HELIN for you.

All the info you could ever need about how, where, and when to place an ILL request can be found here, or if you’re an old pro at this sort of thing and want to jump straight to the request page, click here.

Remember, never be afraid to use the resources we provide to help you track stuff down, even if you’re worried about wasting our time on “just” leisure reading.  Helping people find books of any kind isn’t a waste of time at all… in fact, it’s sort of our thing at the library, you know?