Not Us (but really cool): LIFE photo archive at Google


Millions of photos from the LIFE magazine archives, many never before published, have been digitized and are now searchable through Google.

Gorgeously documented moments from the past 200 years or so in history, popular culture, science, medicine, the natural world, and even quiet moments from everyday life, all available at your fingertips?  Whether you’re doing research or just browsing to kill a little time, yeah, that’s kind of a big deal.

You want some examples?  Okay, how about some Apollo 11 pictures?  Or the integration efforts at Little Rock Central High School?  Or people watching a 3-D movie, or even just a girl reading a comic book at the supermarket in the 50s?

To begin, you can go to this search page, or else just type “source:life” at the end of your search query.