Hush hush, keep it down now. Voices carry.


(Most of you are probably too young to get that, aren’t you?)

Please watch your noise levels when working on the second floor.  You may think you’re just whispering, or that you’re the only one who can hear your iPod, but you may be louder than you think and bothering other people trying to study.

Same goes for the study rooms.  You may think you’re sequestered away from the rest of the world, but none of those walls are especially thick, so people on either side can still hear – and in all likelihood see, thanks to the giant windows – everything you’re doing.

Finals are stressful enough… don’t make this period any worse than it already is.  Sure, we’re all the way downstairs and can’t police everyone up there all the time, but that also means we probably won’t be able to save you in time if you drive someone to the point of beating you with their laptop, either.  So be mindful, please and thank you.