New Study Room Check-Out Policy


In response to the many student requests over the years, we’re attempting a new approach to handling the study rooms, essentially checking them out to people the way we would a reserve item or laptop accessory. The policy, in short, is this:

• Groups of THREE or more students may check out rooms.
• Study rooms are checked out for 3 hours per group.
• Each member must leave a Bryant ID at the circulation desk.
• Rooms are first come, first served – check at the Circ Desk for room availability.

This will hopefully alleviate the problems with “fair” use of the rooms during busy periods, when groups are constantly jockeying for space and unable to get it because another group (or, as is often the case, a single person) has been camped out in a room all day. Some sort of accountability system has been needed for awhile… we’re hoping this is it.

This policy is definitely a work in progress, so if anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions, they’ll gladly be heard.


2 thoughts on “New Study Room Check-Out Policy

  1. Andrew

    Honestly this policy sucks. People are wondering why there are so many people in the Unistructure after class. Well this policy is part to blame. There simply isnt enough study lounges left on campus and you just killed another 10 or so spots. Thanks. Hall 14 has had its study lounges cut in half as they are now rooms, hall 17 lounges are either filled or the one in ronzios is locked. The library is always full and teachers constantly assign group work just making the problem work. Essentially a major bryant fail.

    A better idea would be like as if the library were a restaurant. Take reservations for specific rooms, anyone can sit in that room until that party arrives for at the room for their 3 hour chunk of work. Large groups can still reserve rooms, and the wandering passerby can still get some work done until said group arrives. People can reserve rooms if they need them and free rooms are still available to the public.

    Thats my 2 cents.

  2. Pat Crawford

    Hi Andrew – many thanks for posting! As fate would have it, another student posted a comment on the new study room policy… check out that more recent post/comment (Study Room Lockdown) and then you can see the response I left for Jeff earlier this evening.

    We entirely agree with you (and others) that study space on campus is a very real problem. You have valid concerns and we are trying to help. I really like your restaurant analogy. This is truly helpful information for us. We have discussed the reservation concept; we are just unsure of how the logistics could work; ie, how do we implement this? In the interim, we needed to address the majority of students who felt that they never even had a shot of getting a study room. So we began this new policy this semester.

    Please swing by the library and we can talk about your idea further; indeed, you probably have some good thoughts on how we can best rollout the idea. And again, please see my post to Jeff’s comment; it might help explain where we are at and what we’re trying to do in the interim. This is an evolving “policy” and we are always open to ideas.

    Best –

    Pat Crawford
    Access Services Librarian

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