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Tapping into the considerable wealth of government published business data and information is now much easier with the development of, a site defined as the “Official business link to the U.S. government.”  The site targets entrepreneurs and small business owners who become overwhelmed trying to understand and comply with the substantial amount of state and federal laws and regulations governing the establishment and operation of a small business.  This award winning site is managed by a partnership of 22 federal government agencies.

To use the site, select from the following options:

Start a Business – how to start a business, write a business plan, understand location & zoning law, become self-employed and more.
Register, Licenses & Permits – how to register your business, select a business name, incorporate a business, and obtain a license or permit.
Finance & Taxes – how to locate government loans, grants, & seed money; obtain business insurance, manage business finances, and pay required business taxes.
Expand Your Business – how to locate valuable business data, become a government contractor, import & export products, and more.
Stay Compliant with Laws – how to stay compliant with advertising law, employment & labor law, environmental regulations, and more.
Industries – guides to complying with laws & regulations governing individual industries.
State & Local – a pointer to your state’s Small Business Guide page.  Each page has a “How do I…?” section for answering frequently asked questions. is more than a gateway to essential business resources.  It’s also an online community entrepreneurs and small business owners can join to ask questions and discuss issues with each other and with government and industry experts.  Business students, entrepreneurs, and small business owners would do well to bookmark this site for handy reference.