Tracking Regional Economic Indicators


Some of the information in this post may be out of date. Please speak to a librarian for more up to date information. 

Where does Rhode Island stand at this point in one of the worst economic recessions the state has ever experienced?  Economic indicators such as unemployment, consumer prices, housing starts and sales help determine whether a state’s economy is expanding or contracting.  Tracking regional economic indicators is easy if you know where to go to find accurate data and analysis.  Try these sites to locate economic data for Rhode Island and other New England states.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  Economic Research.  Interactive Data, Charts and Maps.  Indicators Interactive. 
Select from the following choices the particular series you would like to view: bankruptcies, consumer prices, economic activity, electricity, sales, employee costs, income, labor market conditions and more.  Current and historical data (3 years) is provided and can be exported into Excel.  Data is available for the United States and the New England region for the purposes of comparison.

The Federal Reserve Board.  The Beige Book: Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Condition by Federal Reserve District.  First District: Boston.
Text dicussing the current economic situation and business activity in New England.  Topics covered include retail manufacturing and related services, selected business services, and commercial and residential real estate.

Regional Economic Conditions (RECON)
Information on economic conditions and risks within each state.  Select your state of interest to view data on industry activity, employment and income, real estate activity, and selected commodity prices. Data is available in chart or table format, and several series can be selected to view at once.

Leonard Lardaro’s website
Mr. Lardaro is a Professor of Economics at the University of Rhode Island.  Professor Lardaro follows movements in Rhode Island’s economic activity and makes his data and analysis available for anyone interested in learning more about how Rhode Island’s economy is faring.  Start at his website to link into 3 critical publications: Rhode Island Economic Performance: the Current Conditions Index; The Current Performance of Rhode Island’s Economy; How Rhode Island Compares.