First Research Industry Profiles in Proquest Business Databases


Some of the information in this post may be out of date. Please speak to a librarian for more up to date information.     

First Research, a Dun & Bradstreet company, publishes industry intelligence used by business professionals to estimate markets and plan strategy.  One such product, The First Research Industry Profiles, is an excellent source of industry information for any student researching an industry and needing an industry overview, forecast and data.  These valuable reports are now available to Bryant students through Proquest Business Databases, a library database located under the Articles & Databases link on the library website.  To browse the covered industries, click on the Publications tab at the main Proquest search screen and type First Research in the search box.  Click on the retrieved product title to display individual industries, and then select view documents next to your industry of choice.  A 10-15 page industry report will be displayed in pdf format.  The content of an individual industry report includes, but is not limited to, an industry overview, trends and opportunities, industry benchmarks (including industry ratios), an industry forecast and websites.  To locate more industry information, click on the Articles & Databases link on the library website and select IBISWorld, Mergent Online Industry Reports, or Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage Industry Surveys.