How to subscribe to a specific blog category through RSS


Presumably you already know how to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed (and if you don’t, there’s a tab above the title that’ll take you to a how-to page, a link on the lower left sidebar that’ll do the same, or you could even reach it by just clicking this bit here).  But did you know that it is also possible to subscribe to specific categories, too, allowing you to receive just the posts that interest you?  It’s pretty easy.

1. Click your chosen category heading over on the lefthand sidebar… we’ll use “Business” for our example.

2. You’re instantly brought to the page containing only the posts listed in the Business category.  The URL in the address bar will read:

3. Go to the address bar and type this – /feed/ – at the end of the URL.  The URL will now read:

4. Copy this URL into the RSS reader of your choice (Google Reader, Bloglines, Outlook, etc.) and subscribe and you’ll be good to go!