Tracking Executive Compensation


Some of the information in this post may be out of date. Please speak to a librarian for more up to date information. 

Furor over exorbitant pay for corporate executives has been brewing since the Enron fiasco and has once again surfaced with calls from some members of Congress to cap the pay of bank and insurance executives.  To locate compensation for the executive(s) of a company you may be researching, go to SEC filing 14A (the definitive proxy statement).  This filing contains a compensation table that displays the total compensation for leading executive officers.  Total compensation includes salary, bonus pay, stock and options awards, and “other compensation”.  Two library databases–Mergent Online and Hoovers Academic–can help you quickly locate the 14A form.  In Mergent Online, click on the EDGAR Search tab and fill in the company name or ticker symbol, the date you are searching for (select last 12 months if looking for recent filings), and then select “proxies, information statements” as your filing type.  In Hoovers Academic, search for a company using the company name or ticker symbol.  Once you retrieve your company, use the left bar menu to select “SEC filings”.  Browse through the filings until you locate DEF 14A.
The Conference Board Business Knowledge Research database contains the Conference Board’s annual study on Top Executive Compensation.  Click on the Annual Studies link to locate a listing of the reports, including the 2008 Top Executive Compensation Report.  This is an overall report on executive compensation and includes a comparison of compensation by industry.


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