Uncovering Corporate Relationships


Some of the information in this post may be out of date. Please speak to a librarian for more up to date information. 

Trying to locate company financials and finding yourself at a dead end?  It could be your company of interest is a private company or a subsidiary of a larger, public company.  With acquisitions and mergers occurring rapidly in this volatile corporate environment, uncovering corporate relationships is a task that requires using several sources to uncover timely and accurate information.  The following sources subscribed to by the  Douglas & Judith Krupp Library can help make this task a little easier.

  • ReferenceUSA  is a database of directory information covering more than 14 million domestic companies. Type in a company name and if that company is part of a larger family of companies, ReferenceUSA will display a Corp. Tree icon that, when clicked, indicates the parent company (and whether the company is public or private), and its subsidiaries and/or branches.  The Corp. Tree information includes each listed company’s industry, city and state location, the number of employees, and sales volume.
  • Hoover’s Academic, a subscription database of more than 30 million corporation and organizations, features a Location Type field that displays the corporate relationships (headquarters, single location, or branch) of a searched company.  If a single location is a subsidiary or division of a larger public corporation, the name of the parent company displays in the Overview of the searched company.
  •  LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations is an 8 volume print directory of domestic and international companies.  The directory consists of 2 vols. containing U.S. private companies, 2 vols. containing U.S. public companies, and 2 vols. containing international public and private companies.  The work also contains 2 vols. of indexing which can be searched by name, NAICS, or geographic location.  Once you locate your company in the index, go to the indicated page within the directory to view the overall corporate family relationship.
  • LexisNexis Academic contains a Business library and a Company Profiles search page.  Type in your company name at this search page and next select the directory you wish to search.  LexisNexis Academic contains numerous business directories in the Company Profiles file, including Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations and Standard & Poor’s Corporate Register Descriptions Plus News, both of which display the relationship between a searched company and its larger corporate structure.
  • Mergent Online is an excellent database for determining what subsidiaries exist under a parent company, and also for locating the history of a particular corporate acquisition.  Mergent is a database of public domestic and international companies, so the most productive way to search for a single company and find its relationship to a larger company, is to go to the Advanced Search feature, select your company universe (domestic or international) and select Textual Search as your search category.  Run your search and you will retrieve the company’s larger public parent.  Click on the parent company’s name to retrieve the full record; within this record will be a Company Details tab with subtabs containing subsidiaries, joint ventures, and history.  The history will detail when particular companies were acquired by the parent.