Google Tools for Business Students


Google has universal appeal among business students; however, many students fail to use Google to its full potential by overlooking the many tools and gadgets Google provides to make its user’s lives easier and more efficient.  Try the following to save time and make your research more productive:

Alerts – ( Get an email update of relevant Google results on a search for a competitor or industry.  To get started, fill out a short form designating your search terms and the desired frequency of email updates.
Built-in calculator – Enter the calculation you wish to have done into Google’s main search box and press enter to get a quick answer.  (e.g., 988 x .20 to locate 20 percent of 988).
Currency converter – Enter the conversion you wish to have done into Google’s  main search box and press enter to retrieve your converted currency. (e.g., 150 GBP in USD to convert to $243.53).
GOOG-411 – Dial 1-800-GOOG-411 from any phone and state a location and business type to connect to the business for free.
Google Docs – ( Collaborate on a text or spreadsheet document to work on a class project.  Use your Google account to get started and share with other selected users.
Google Finance – ( Follow selected stocks using a stock screener, read current financial news, or get a market summary.  Type in the ticker symbol for a particular stock and get real time quotes on stocks and mutual funds traded on the NASDAQ or NYSE (15 minute delay for stocks listed on other exchanges). Create a user name and password to develop and maintain a portfolio of stocks and mutual funds.
Patent search – ( Search over 7 million patents.  Use the advanced patent search feature to search by number, title, inventor or assignee.
Public data – Check trends for population or unemployment rates of U.S. states and counties by typing “population” or “unemployment rate” into the main Google search box followed by a state or county. (e.g., population MA).

Go to for more on Google tools and how to use them.  Check out the Google Tip Gadget icon on this page to get a daily tip, trick, or helpful hint about a Google product.