The World Economic Outlook Database


Looking for country economic data with forecasts?  Try the World Economic Outlook Database from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  The IMF is an organization of 186 countries working together to promote global economic cooperation and financial stability.  The database is located under the Data & Statistics link on the main IMF site and its data is taken from the statistical appendix of the World Economic Outlook Report.  Data elements include 7 years (2007 through 2014 forecast) of macroeconomic measures such as GDP, inflation, unemployment rates, and balance of payments.  The data is updated twice a year, usually in April and October, and updates and data revisions, in January and July, are available at a separate WEO Updates link on the IMF site.  The IMF Discussion Forums provide answers to questions from students and researchers. 

Start your research by selecting your country or countries of interest.  Next, select the data variables and the dates you would like to view.  Click on Prepare Report to create a report with data that can be exported into a tab-delimited values format compatible with Excel.  If the database does  not carry the data elements you are looking for, or you need a longer span of time series data, try the International Financial Statistics Yearbook, an annual publication from the IMF that provides 11 years of comprehensive country data.  Exchange rates, banking data, money supply, interest rates, balance of payments, and national accounts are all included in the Yearbook in the the currency of the country viewed (the exception is the Internatinal Investment Position figures which are given in U.S. dollars).  The IMF website is an essential source for country research and data on any aspect of a country’s financial position.