It Came from the Discard Shelf!


You know where our discard shelf is, right?  It’s on the second floor, way against the back wall, next to the study area that sort of looks like one of those airport lounges near your departure gate.  All the books on those shelves have X-ed out call numbers and are stamped “DISCARDED” on the front page, and they’re yours for the taking, cheap as free.  They no longer meet our collection’s needs anymore for one reason or another, so we leave them there in the hopes of hopefully finding a new home.  And while there are a lot of older business texts or how-to books on out-of-date software, some real prizes and oddballs find their way onto the shelf.  Like this one for instance:

This is a 1978 fan-published how-to guide on programming an elaborate-looking Star Trek text-based computer game.  I’m no programmer, nor am I the biggest Star Trek fan around (I like it well enough, but I’m not the sort of fan most people think of when they think of Star Trek fans, though.  Doctor Who, on the other hand… ), but there are some things you just have to grab when you see them, and this was one of them (besides, I played enough Zork and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy back in the day to have a fondness for text-based PC games).

What lost treasures will YOU find?