Locating Market Share Reports


The reference desk frequently receives market share questions from students trying to figure out how their company stands against leading competitors in an overall industry.  The Market Share Reporter and the Business Rankings Annual, two sources located in the Gale Directory Library, are logical sources to start a search to locate this information.  To find either publication, run a title search in the library catalog or select the Gale Directory Library from the Articles and Databases link on the library website and click on the Publication link and run a title search directly within the database.  Once you select the publication(s) you want to search, select the publication dates you are interested in; the 2008, 2009, and 2010 publications are available in the database. Search by keyword to locate market share and rankings data on a particular company or product.  Both reference titles provide a collection of market share and rankings reports gleaned from trade journals and business news publications.  Look at the bottom of a retrieved report to view a source cite telling you where you can find the original.  (Example: a ranking of Top Brands of Ground and Whole Bean Coffee, 2008 was taken from Beverage Industry’s July 2008 State of the Industry Report).  With this critical source information in hand, go to the library’s Journals List (located under the Articles and Databases link on the library website) to search for the source journal.  If the library subscribes to the source journal, you will be provided with a link to the database carrying the journal in full text.  From this link you can browse issues to look for a more timely report containing the same information, often found in the same monthly issue.  Remember, reference publications typically carry dated information, since publishers need time to gather and publish their reports.

            Datamonitor Industry Reports, located in the Business Source Complete database, also provide market share reports.  To find these reports within the database, select the Business Search Interface located in the upper right hand corner of the search page, and on the retrieved page, select Industry Overview as your Document Type.   Search by keyword to locate reports on your company, industry or product.  These reports are international in scope and will be organized by country (example: Hot Drinks Industry Profile: United States).  To locate the market share report which is presented as a ranking and a pie chart, arrow down to page 12 or 13 of the report. Lastly, Hoovers Academic database also carries financial data and ratios that can be used to figure market share.  Begin with a company search, and once you retrieve your company report, click on the Competitive Landscape link on the left menu to call up a page with comparative data on your company and 2 or 3 of its competitors, the industry, and the market.

For more market share sources, or to learn how to structure your searches to locate these reports, contact a reference librarian.