What Role the Library?


Fall semester arrives and new students begin their journey sorting out the who, what, where and when of learning at Bryant University.  What role does Bryant’s Douglas & Judith Krupp library play in this journey?  A few observations:

  • The library is a place
    The Douglas & Judith Krupp Library is a welcoming, comfortable spot to relax, meet new friends, hold conversations, study, read a book, sip coffee, ask questions, and soak in an abundance of natural sunlight.  In short, the library building is a place where learning exchanges happen in a beautiful community space.
  • The library is a source of personal academic support
    The library employs reference librarians with specialized subject degrees who assist students in locating information needed to complete papers and projects.  Librarians also answer general questions and teach students how to use library databases containing critical information needed for class assignments.  Librarian support is available wherever a student needs it–on campus or off.  Connect with a Bryant librarian using text (401-595-7306), chat (bryantlibchat), email (refdesk@bryant.edu), phone (401-232-6299), or [our personal favorite!] in person.  Our service is personal…we want to know your name.  Grab a seat in front of the reference desk and talk to us.  We’re here to save you time!
  • The library is a repository of mixed media content
    Yes, the library still houses books (reference on the 1st level; circulating on the 2nd), but it also contains streaming video, podcasts, electronic books, DVDs, pdf government documents….and soon you’ll be able to search the library catalog on your smartphone or iphone.  So, Mr. Gates…is Content [still] King? (see: http://www.sick-site-syndrome.com/articles/content-is-king.shtml)
  • The library is a broader academic community
    The Douglas & Judith Krupp library is part of the larger HELIN library consortium, a group of Rhode Island academic libraries that have joined together to broaden the number of resources available to each student using a particular library. So, if you are a student using Bryant’s library catalog and you find and want a book held at another HELIN library, simply request the book and it will be delivered to you at the Bryant library within 3 days.  Another HELIN perk is that Bryant students carrying valid IDs can visit and use other HELIN member libraries.

Want to know more about the Douglas & Judith Krupp Library at Bryant University?  Ask a Librarian! We’re here to help and save you time.