With a little help from the Journals List


Need to know which database carries the full text of the Wall Street Journal or where to find a copy of the Harvard Business Review from 1935?  The Journals List, located on the library’s website under the Articles & Databases link, can answer these and any questions you might have regarding what database carries the full text of a journal and what the date coverage is for that journal.  Take a look at this very short video that shows how to find the Journals List and search it to locate the holdings for the Harvard Business Review. http://screencast.com/t/zIMIWkqp

So if you locate a great article on your research topic, flip to the back of the article and take a look at the sources used by the author.  If you find some additional articles that you would like to read and use, simply look up the  journals carrying the articles in the Journals List to see which database carries the issues you need to retrieve the articles.

Remember, the library also holds journals in print format that you can browse through and copy from.  The library catalog will tell you if the library carries a particular journal in print and, if so, the date range for the holdings.  Take  a look at this 2nd very short video to find out if the library carries the Harvard Business  Review in print and what issue it holds.

Need to know how to search a database in which your journal resides? Ask a reference librarian!  We’re here to help!