Congratulations to the Circ Desk Student Workers of the Month for September and October!


Yes, that’s right, both September and October.  Everything was so hectic at the beginning of the semester that we couldn’t recognize anyone at the time in September, but decided that we should backtrack a bit.

So anyway, drum roll please…

The student workers of the month for September are Kristina Pittella and Regina Salgado!

And the student workers of the month for October are Carlie Alemian and Olga Bourtseva!

All four will be entered into the end-of-semester drawing for $10 in Bulldog Bucks and will have their praises sung (figuratively) on the blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Axis TV.

Thank you Kristina, Regina, Carlie, and Olga for the awesome jobs you have done.

And thanks to all of the Circ Desk Student Workers for making this a legitimately difficult decision process, as everyone has been doing a fantastic job so far.  This is the sort of staff-related problem supervisors usually only get to dream of having!