Grammar Girl to the Rescue!


Working on a big paper for a business class and stuck over whether to use “that” or “which” in your sentence?  Trying to figure out if you can actually end a sentence with a preposition without being caught?  Get familiar with Grammar Girl , and she’ll save your student writing life and teach you some things you missed while daydreaming in high school English class.  Mignon Fogarty, Grammar Girl host and founder, advertises her site as “quick and dirty tricks for better writing”.  Quick and dirty is nice and easy when you are short on time and long on need for help with a grammar issue.  And the best part…all the site entries are available as podcasts as well as written text. Check out the site’s Top 5 Tips (see left side box) for solving the following common perplexities when writing: affect vs. Effect, Who vs. Whom, Lay vs. Lie, Ending a Sentence with a Preposition, and Active Voice vs. Passive Voice.  Or take a glance at the Top Ten Grammar Myths.  If you have  more time, you can use the banner at the top of the site to select one of the following general topics to review: General, Grammar, Punctuation, Word Choice, Style or All Tips.  Aside from the obvious benefits of getting familiar with Grammar Girl’s wisdom, you can also tap into the wisdom of other experts on the site who offer their advice on everything from math to dog training.  Just make sure you check out their credentials before deciding you want to use their advice.

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