It Came From the Discard Shelf… As Was Foretold!


The discard shelf on the second floor, along the back wall near the study area that looks like an airport lounge, is a storehouse of hidden treasures that we’ve weeded out of our circulating collection and are welcome for you to take, cheap as free!  They all have big black X marks through the call numbers and have big red “DISCARD” stamps on the inside, so there’s no mistaking them.  And you never know what you’ll find in there.

For instance, do you enjoy gloomy, kinda-sorta accurate if you read into it above and beyond the call of duty, alleged prophecy in the form of badly written poetry?  Well, then a copy of this:

is waiting for you upstairs, just looking for a good home and the opportunity to make you regret ever reading it before bedtime.

(But I kid… if not for Nostradamus, we never would’ve gotten the 1981 documentary The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, featuring wine commercial-era Orson Welles at his wine commercial-era Orson Wellesiest.  So at least there’s that.)

Of course, even if you’re not looking for something to pass the time while counting down to the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, there’s probably something up there you’re interested in, so check it out.  You get free books, we get space.  Everyone wins!