Outlook for Jobs


Are you a senior looking for a job this year, a freshman trying to figure out the best major to land a job, or an alum seeking to change your career path?   Taking time to do a little research into the forecast for jobs and careers should help you know if your aspirations are realistic.  Here are a few places to start to get the low down on jobs of the future. 

Best Jobs for 2011
 Jobs Rated 2011: Ranking Jobs from Best to Worst by Career Cast provides a ranking of the best and worst jobs for 2011.  The writers considered 5 key criteria to develop the rankings: physical demands, work environment, income, outlook and stress.  Of the top 20, actuary made #3 (income projected at $87,204), accountant #12 (income projected at  $60, 174), and financial planner #15 (income projected at $101,164).  Economist made #20 with a projected income of $87,240.  U.S. News & World Report writer Alexis Grant has written The 50 Best Careers of 2011making her selections by taking into consideration those careers providing decent salaries, quality of life and longevity (i.e., those likely to stick around for the next decade).   Accountant (median annual wage at $60,340), actuary (median annual wage at $87,210), financial advisor (median annual wage at $68,200), and financial analyst top off the first 4 best business careers for 2011.  If you’re concerned mainly with job growth of a selected occupation, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has published The Fastest Growing Occupation 2008 and Projected 2018 and an accompanying article by Dristina J. Bartsch, The Employment Projections for 2008-2018.

Where to Find Jobs in 2011
If you’re most interested in finding out where to find jobs when you graduate, take a look at yahoo real estate’s Best and Worst Cities for Jobs in 2011; if you are an adventurer who would like to work in a foreign country or international student hoping to land a job back home, read Forbes Magazine’s  Best Country for New Jobs Next Year.  And if you decide to look for an employer in one of these countries, the new e-reference book, Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries can help you find a contact person and address to send your resume to.

Best Companies to Work for in 2011
If the quality of life and environmental surroundings top your list when searching for jobs, take a look at Fortune Magazine’s annual Best Companies to Work For list.

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