Solutions: For a Sustainable and Desirable Future


Solutions is a newer *(one year old) Open Access Journal that hopes to blend scholarly research with the readability of a popular magazine.  According to Solutions’ website, “It’s intended to allow serious, creative dialogue and discussion at the highest level across a range of perspectives, while still being understandable and engaging to the lay public. It moves beyond the current culture of argument that casts even the most complex problems as polarizing debates.” What that means, is Solutions is both readable and scholarly–what’s better than that?

More and more Bryant students are focusing on projects that have to do with the study of the environment.  Students in Chemistry and Environmental Sciences are approaching these studies from a scientific perspective; and Business students are tapping into the growing demand for greener products.  Solutions meets both these needs by providing peer-reviewed perspectives from leaders in their fields.

Another major focus of solutions, is providing a viable solution.  The formula for articles is, “no more than one-third of the paper should describe the problem, while at least two-thirds should be devoted to solutions.”  In the article Towards a New Economy and a New Politics, author Gus Speth (Yale University; Founder of the World Resources Institute; Co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council) breaks down the economic, political, environmental and social crises that brought about The Great Recession.  Rather than state facts that we have all read dozens of times by this point, Speth also offers well-reasoned solutions, based on his research and years of experience.

Solutions is a unique and fun way learn and generate discussion.  It could also be particularly useful to students in the early phases of research looking for ideas.  You can find a link to Solutions in the Bryant Library’s Journals List.