The Leisure Reading Collection is Moving!


You may have noticed that our Leisure Reading section is no longer sitting in its usual spot at the front of the quiet study section on the second floor.  It hasn’t gone away for good, it’s just getting new digs down here on the first floor.

Leisure Reading titles will now be kept on the shelves in front of the first row of public computers on the main level, the space that formerly held our encyclopedias and the Reader’s Guide series (those haven’t gone away, either, they’ve just been moved to shelf #12 in the Reference collection).  The collection will be maintained just like it was upstairs – shelved alphabetically by authors’ last names, fiction and non-fiction intermingling – it’s just now we’ll have more space to work with, and you won’t have to truck upstairs if you’re just popping by for something to read on your lunch break or at the gym.

And as always, if you have any suggestions for Leisure Reading titles you’d like to see us get, let us know!