Lexis-Nexis as a Business Research Tool


Students conducting legal research quickly become familiar with Lexis-Nexis Academic as a legal research tool, since Lexis makes it easy to find legal cases, law review articles, and legal news. There is no better library database to turn to for finding legal information. But did you know  Lexis-Nexis is also a powerful business research tool, with capability to locate company data, competitive information, and business news with several simple searches? Try selecting the Companies tab from the database main menu and browsing the wealth of information found in the following files:

Company Profiles – provides access to directory information and a variety of company-specific financial data. The information is supplied by well-known providers such as Experian, Hoovers, Morningstar, Nelsons, and Standard & Poors. Searches can be constructed using company name, ticker symbol, and/or address, and limited by date and information source. Examples of unique content in this file include bankruptcy filings (from Bankruptcy DataSource), proxy reports (from ISS Proxy Research Reports), Executive Compensation (from Morningstar U.S. Executive Compensation), and domestic and international company financial data (from Access Disclosure and Worldscope).

Company Dossier-search by company name or ticker symbol to retrieve a company snapshot and menu of information that includes news (by publication, topic, or region), the company’s parent & subsidiaries, financial and legal information, and intellectual property (patents and trademarks).  Searchers can build a company report and customize it to include selected information.  The Create a Company List tab lets users build a list of selected companies and then customize the information to be included on your company list.  Lastly, the Compare Companies option provides competitive information for up to five selected companies with comparisons of balance sheet, income statement, and ratio information.

SEC Filings-includes SEC filings available for up to 5 years.  Filings can be searched by form and limited by date, and the power search option allows searchers to limit their search to a particular section of lengthy SEC documents.

Company News-can be found by selecting the News Library and the Business & Industry file.  Searches can be constructed to find articles using terms in the headline & lead, author section, subject terms, everywhere in the article, or when a term has at least 5 occurrences in an article.  Searchers can also limit by date and indicate where they would like to find their articles from among the following sources: business & consumer stories, business periodicals, business blogs, financial blogs, industry news publications or science & technology stories.

Ask a reference librarian for more help locating business data, news, and competitive information using the Lexis-Nexis Academic database!