Understanding FOREX


Some of the information in this post may be out of date. Please speak to a librarian for more up to date information. 

FOREX-FX is the acronym for the market in which currencies are traded–a trillion dollar marketplace encompassing all global currencies.  Understanding the FOREX market can seem daunting, but several sites provide educational insight to help students and potential investors start researching and/or trading currencies.   Try the following:

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York.  Foreign Exchange Page.
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York monitors and analyzes global financial market developments.  This site publishes FX volume data, FX rates, Foreign Exchange daily historical rates, and more.

Investopedia Forex Site
A great site for live rates and breaking headlines on FOREX news.

Global Currencies.com
A free 24-hour software trading platform for FOREX (foreign exchange) trades.  This site offers a free educational online FOREX course to browse for your own learning.

FX Street.com
A comprehensive FOREX site that provides free access to current news, world foreign exchange rates, world interest rates, and fundamental and technical analysis reports.

Bloomberg Currencies
Provides benchmark currency rates, a currency converter, and top U.S. currency ETFs updates.

In addition to websites, the following books are also excellent sources for understanding the FOREX market:

For help locating more resources explaining FOREX-FX, Ask a Reference Librarian!