Credo Reference: Your Source for Business Dictionaries and Encyclopedias


Stuck on a formula you need to understand (but don’t!) for that economics or finance paper?  Need to give some biographical information on a leading economist or understand the function of the IMF?  Studying for a BUS101 exam and want to have a handy source close by to look up some basic business terms?  Look no further than Credo Reference.  This handy virtual reference source resides with the other databases under the Articles & Databases link on the library website Credo has some neat ways to search that you might find useful, such as the concept map (type in a keyword and watch it explode into other terms you may not have thought of) or the gadgets search (a quick and easy way to find definitions, persons, quotations, conversions and more).  The familiar basic or advanced search features are also available, and you can also browse topics or books.

Take a look at these useful books you’ll want to mark for future reference help:

  • Dictionary of Accounting
    This 4th edition is filled with over 6,000 accounting terms with examples and quotations from journals that show words used in context.
  • Dictionary of Economics, Wiley
    2, 200 economics terms presented with easy-to-read charts and illustrations and with definitions geared to the needs of businesspeople and not academic economists.
  • Encyclopedia of the History of American Management
    Key management theories are explained through biographical sketches on the thinkers and practitioners who developed and refined them.  Edward Deming, Amitai Etzioni, Frederick Winslow Taylor, and Peter Drucker are a few of the people you’ll meet in this encyclopedia.
  • Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms
    This popular book is one of several sources included in the Barron’s Educational Series.  If you break out in a cold sweat at the mention of terms such as derivative and collateralized mortgage obligations, this is the source for you.
  • A Financial History of the United States
    Describes the growth and expansion of the banking, securities and insurance industries in colonial America up to the rapid expansion of the stock market in the 1990s and the World Trade Center attack.

Ask a librarian to learn more about Credo or other business reference materials!