eBooks Abound!


The Douglas and Judith Krupp Library tries to make things convenient for students.  Most of our databases are accessible off-campus, we lend kindles and iPads, and we’re constantly growing our eBook collection.  The handiest thing about eBooks, is that you can read them anywhere.  Those cold winter nights when you dread leaving your dorm–those are eBook nights.

One thing to know about some of the eBooks that we buy, is that due to licensing restrictions, some are only able to be read by a single user at a time.  If you ever run into an issue with an eBook that won’t open, likely that will be the reason.

Here is a list of some of the new eBooks we’ve added to our collection.  You can click on the titles to be re-directed to the book record in the catalog and view the eBook!

International law and the Third World

Beyond biotechnology

Molecular ecology and evolution

Bioethics in Singapore

Bird migration and global change

Research handbook on the interpretation and enforcement of intellectual property under WTO rules

The limits of transnational law : refugee law, policy harmonization and judicial dialogue in the European Union

Understanding international law

Florida Bay research programs and their relation to the comprehensive Everglades restoration plan

Natural history of San Francisco Bay

Turning the tide : saving the Chesapeake Bay

Science for ecosystem-based management : Narragansett Bay in the 21st century 

Social and environmental impacts of the James Bay Hydroelectric Pro