Managing Stress


Your stressed!  If you’re a typical college student, in addition to your academic work you may also be trying to manage a job, a sport, your social life, and any added unwelcome events in your personal life.  This time of year that means you are experiencing an inordinate amount of stress you can feel in your body.  Chances are you haven’t been able to sleep, and  your ability to focus may be shot.  Anxiety may be your constant companion.  Papers and project deadlines are closing in on you, and exams are around the corner.  How do you keep your sanity and make the grade in your academic work?

The authors of Academic Transformation: the Road to College Success discuss strategies for managing stress that emphasize the value of exercise and stress reduction breathing and relaxation exercises.  Also, take a look at a list on of the Top 10 School Stress Relievers for Students.  Dartmouth University’s Academic Skills Center has some great handouts on stress reduction on its page, including Stress Busters: What Works, Coping with Exam Anxiety, and Getting the Sleep You NeedTotally Stress Out: the Stress Management Site for Students and Other Humans has stress free photo galleries you can look at that will make you feel as if spring break is right around the corner.

Don’t forget the support of advocates here on campus, such as the Academic Center for Excellence and the Counseling Services Center.  And oh, don’t forget those friendly and helpful librarians who are always willing to lend an ear and some great research help!

Mange you stress.  Manage your life.  Stay healthy.