5 Reasons to Bookmark the WSJ Small Business Site


Some of the information in this post may be out of date. Please speak to a librarian for more up to date information. 

Anyone involved with small business–entrepreneurs, business students and researchers, or small business owners–should take time to bookmark the Wall Street Journal’s Small Business site.  Why?  Try the following 5 good reasons:

The Start-Up Calculator
There are a number of start-up calculators available on the web, but none I’ve found do as good a job as this one on estimating the true cost of starting a business.  No entrepreneur wants to find themselves short on cash.  This calculator will help prevent a cash crunch.

The Free On Small Business Podcasts
Want to learn more about what experts have to say about topics on starting and running a business, but feel as if you have no time to keep up on it all?  Subscribe free to the WSJ On Small Business podcasts and you’ll get this advice on a variety of topics from experts writing in the WSJ and Startup Journal.

The How-To Guides
These practical guides (written and video) offer free instruction on funding, technology, franchising, starting and running a business, hiring and managing employees, and buying and selling a business.  Examples of topics covered include How to Form an LLC, How to Shop for a Bank, How to Select a Franchise, and How to Hire Your First Employees.

The How I Built It Series
A great series offering first person stories on how entrepreneurs started their company and/or dealt with a problem.  Current postings have presented stories from founders of Dropbox, Pandora Media and Rebecca Minkoff, LLC.

The Community Polls
Voice your opinion on different questions posed on topics related to small business and then read over how the votes add up. Find out how voters responded to the most recent question on can entrepreneurship be taught?

Ask a reference librarian for more sources of information on entrepreneurship and small business or visit the Entrepreneurship Subject Guide.