Why Use Morningstar Investment Research Center?


Some of the information in this post may be out of date. Please speak to a librarian for more up to date information. 

Morningstar is synonymous with mutual fund research for many students; however, there is much more that mutual fund data available in the Morningstar Investment Research Center.  Here is some content you might have overlooked:

Great Financial Educational Material
Whether you prefer to learn by reading or by watching and listening to videos, Morningstar will provide you with an education on how to get the maximum use out of the database’s content while also explaining the basics of stocks, options, ETFs, closed-end funds and portfolio management.  Clear explanations of these various financial instruments are provided, along with a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of using each instrument in your investment portfolio.  Much of the learning content is found under the Help & Education tab, but also take a look at the Articles & Videos tab for information on specific topics of interest (example: a video on Where to Invest Your Tax Refund Check or a special report on Morningstar.com’s Tax Wise Investing Week), and the Portfolio tab to learn the basics about asset allocation and how to develop your investment goals.

Company Financial Data & Analyst Reports
Morningstar is useful for classes ranging from basic accounting to portfolio management, since it provides comprehensive data and analysis on individual companies as well as mutual funds.  The Company tab provides 10 year of ratios and financial data (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement) that can be downloaded into Excel.  Users can also access the Morningstar analyst report on the stock, the current price and performance, transcripts of comment on quarterly earnings, institutional and insider holdings and bond and option reports.  Look under the quote subtab to find a stock’s comparison to its industry peers.

Market Returns Tracking
Morningstar makes it easy to track and compare returns on indexes, sectors, industries, and fund categories.  1 and 3 month, YTD, and 1, 3, and 5 year returns are given.   Select your investment category under the Markets tab to get desired returns.

The Portfolio X-Ray Feature
With this neat feature listed under the Portfolio tab users can uncover their portfolio risk and discover how their securities are working together.  Put in the dollar or percent breakdown of holdings in a portfolio, and select the Equal Allocation tab to equally weight the portfolio holdings.

The User’s Guide elaborates on these and other features of the database.  Morningstar also hosts monthly database training sessions users can take advantage of to learn more.   For  more questions about the database and its content, Ask a Reference Librarian!