Save Our Scanner, continued; or, Little Things Meme a Lot (I’m sorry… I’m so sorry)


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The BookScan Station has gone away, but if there’s enough student interest, we could still get it back, so please keep those emails, tweets, and Facebook posts coming in.

(Interestingly, we’ve also received some interest from some of BookScan’s competitors looking to sell us their version!  Please keep in mind, though, that your humble blogmaster has absolutely NO PURCHASING POWER WHATSOEVER.  There are people to make your pitch to, I’m sure, but I’m not them.  Just wanna put that out there, though we appreciate your interest and, as always, thank you for shopping the Douglas & Judith Krupp Library.)

Besides all of the many ways of getting the word out that I mentioned in the last post, you could always make some meme images like the ones up above to post up and around your various favorite media channels (or even send to the Bryant Memes Facebook page to see if they’ll post them).  Just be clean, clever, and positive.  Funny wouldn’t hurt, either.

So again, thanks for everything you’ve done so far, and keep it up!