Library Netflix Program Reminder


We haven’t had a lot of requests for it lately, so we want to remind Bryant faculty about our Netflix program.

Basically, if there’s a DVD available through Netflix that you need for class purposes – whether to show for class, place on reserve, or preview for class activity or purchase – we can request it for you through the library account.

And if there’s something available through Netflix’s streaming service that you want your students to watch, we can set it up so that they can watch it here on one of our library desktop computers (though not on their personal laptops). [EDIT: We no longer have the streaming service, just DVDs! But we will consider resubscribing to streaming if there is demand for it.]

This isn’t for personal entertainment use, nor can we offer this service to students.  But we’re happy to offer this service to faculty and would like to see it used more often.

Have any questions?  Ask a staff member, call us at 232-6125, or send us an email at!


2 thoughts on “Library Netflix Program Reminder

  1. Mackenzie Dunn

    Andria! You are totally correct, we DID cancel the streaming service last year, due to both the price increase and a lack of demand. Thanks for the reminder — I’ll edit the post to reflect this change!

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