Has the library helped YOU out in some way? Let us know!


We’re trying to create some library promotional slides for AXIS TV on campus and we’re looking for some help from our adoring public.  Has there been a book you’ve found at our library, for leisure or for class, that has been really (maybe even life-changingly) good, or some assistance you’ve received from either Access Services or Reference that has been really helpful (whether it’s something for a major project, something simple as someone showing you some resource or service we had that you didn’t know about before, or anything in between)?  If so, we’d like to get quotes from people as testimonials – don’t worry, no pictures will be used, we don’t even have to use your name if you don’t want to, the point of this is to promote the library, not to embarrass anyone.

Book reviews, shout-outs to your favorite database (we know you have one), kudoes to that librarian or assistant who helped you find 37 scholarly-reviewed articles and that Mandarin translation of Winnie the Pooh… if it’s a positive comment about something you discovered or were helped with at the Douglas and Judith Krupp Library, we want to hear about it.  Drop us a line at library@bryant.edu or stop by in person to share your stories or ask for more information.

The Douglas and Judith Krupp Library – we’re not too proud to beg for you to tell us how much you love us.  But we know you do, so it’s not awkward or anything.