For Science!


Welcome back from Winter break! Hopefully you had a relaxing few weeks, but here we are, at the beginning of the Spring semester where before long it will be back to the ol’ routine. As your Science and Technology librarian, part of my routine this semester will be providing short write-ups on some of the interesting and useful science-related resources we have here in the library. Be sure to follow the Bryant University Library on Facebook so you will always know when a new installment has appeared!



To ease yourself back into the book-reading world, this week’s recommendation is Natural History: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth. And they do mean everything! Working with the Smithsonian Institution, the authors have created a tome that is visually beautiful and astoundingly inclusive. Each page is chock full of color photographs of specimens, and unlike similar books, it’s not only plants and animals that have been given space; minerals, rocks, even fungi are allowed their time to shine.


Flipping through these pages, even the most avid natural scientist is bound to find new species of interest (one of my favorite discoveries being the so-called Big Greasy Butterfly). Small blurbs accompany each species’ picture and some notable choices are given two page spreads in which the life form’s unique features are duly noted and shown up close.


So, before life gets too hectic, grab a hot chocolate from Dunkin’ Donuts and a copy of Natural History: The Ultimate Visual Guide to Everything on Earth. For those of us who appreciate the beauty in everything from fossils to amoebas, this is the perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon.