Good IDEAs on the future of libraries


Bryant’s IDEA (that’s “Innovation and Design Experience for All” for those of you playing along at home) was held Monday, January 21st through Wednesday, January 23rd, and gave this year’s freshman class the opportunity to apply design thinking and teamwork skills to a variety of “real world” applications covering a wide array of topics – transportation, the environment, retail, food service, cultural programs, community involvement, and many more.  Group #4, mentored by Thom Bassett, Stephanie Carter, and Kyle Nyskohus, tackled the topic of libraries, and the students in that group generated several projects conveying their ideas on the future of libraries – what services they should provide, what materials should be offered, how they should be constructed, etc.  Some of these projects are now on display on the first floor of the library:

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Take the time to give them a closer look as you walk by.  There are lots of good ideas being thrown around here – some that libraries across the world are already in the process of implementing, some that are aspired toward, and probably a few that no one has even considered yet.  We’re such big fans that we’re hoping to get some of these students to present their ideas to us in person somewhere down the line.

Group 4 (and everyone else involved with IDEA) did a bang-up job on this.  Give their work a look, they’ve really earned your attention!