Bryant women’s basketball… 88 years ago!


The Bryant athletics program just completed its transition to Division 1 reclassification in 2012, but did you know that the first women’s basketball team was actually founded in 1925?  Bryant’s Booster newsletter has the pro-gender-equality scoop!


The young ladies of the institution seem to be fairly well along with plans for their basketball team, and are looking forward to a successful season.  The whole school is behind them in their laudable intentions.  They can be assured of the complete support of the student body in furtherance of their plans.

The time is long past since the field of sports was man’s dominion.  The female of the species now holds quite as much acreage in these spaces as does the male. Today no one questions the right of the woman to indulge in pastimes which a few years ago were considered strictly masculine.  Woman is no longer a hot house flower—she has become of the open air variety and in this atmosphere she flourishes.  And so the desire of the girls of the school to indulge in the court game is but a natural step in the school’s evolution.  It denotes that the freedom of the female has become officially recognized in this institution as it has been in other schools. Good luck, girls.


Read the rest of the January 1925 Booster here, and visit the DigitalCommons@BryantUniversity for more classics from Bryant’s 150 year history!

(And, of course, show your support for the current women’s basketball team!)


Bryant Girls Basketball