Seniors, be sure to pick up your free copy of Extreme Productivity at the library



Extreme Productivity, a book Harvard Business School professor/investment management firm chairman/author/human dynamo Robert C. Pozen about how to achieve best results and maximum performance, has been made available for free to Bryant University seniors thanks to a special arrangement between Mr. Pozen and President Machtley.  Copies can be picked up here at the library’s circulation desk – just stop by and ask for your copy, and we’ll cross your name off the list and send you on your way.  Only one book per student, please.

Mr. Pozen will be speaking on campus on Tuesday, April 16th, at 5 pm, so if you want to get your copy signed and ask the man just how he manages to get so much done in a day and still, you know, sleep, you’d be wise to take advantage of the opportunity.