Thanks to you, the BookScan Station has returned.


So a few months ago we were all
can haz scanner

But now we’re all
bookscan station is back

Because at long last our beloved BookScan Station

has returned! It’s back in its old location between the copy machines on the first floor, just waiting for you to come and scan your books and documents in an easy, frustration free manner. In the interest of full disclosure we should point out that the scan-to-email function is not working yet, but this is a known issue and will hopefully be resolved soon.

Thank you, Bryant community, for showing your support and letting your voices be heard in saying that you wanted this to come back to the library, since that showed the Powers That Be that this was a useful and needed device for our patrons.  We literally could not have gotten it back without your efforts.  And we promise to stop all this meme abuse now.

Well, okay, one more.