We want your old DVDs! (Provided they still work, of course.)



Have a bunch of DVDs you don’t want anymore?  Maybe you can help us out!

The library is looking to expand its leisure DVD offerings (you know, stuff you’d watch for fun as opposed to for class), and we’re hoping for donations of gently used, good condition DVDs (as in “still playable” and “not scratched like a cat sharpened its claws on it”) from you, our adoring public.  We get to increase our offerings to the Bryant community, the community gets a wider selection of fun DVDs to watch cheap as free, you get the dual benefits of knowing you helped us out and clearing stuff out of your room… everyone wins!

If you have any questions, call us at 401-232-6125 or email us at library@bryant.edu, or you can just stop by the desk and drop ’em off.  We’ll have a quick form for you to fill out (mostly so we know who stuff is coming from and so we can find out what you want us to do with ’em if it turns out we can’t use them), but it’s a pretty painless process.

Thanks for helping us to continue to help you!